Our Leads

Many lead providers will simply tell you that their leads are “superior” or that they have some unique and precious insight into your needs. We aren’t going to fill these pages with “hype” about our “secret insights” or tell you that we have a magic pill that will transform your franchise brokerage business if you buy our leads. What we will tell you is that we do know all aspects of the franchise brokerage business and we fully leverage our long-term relationships and resources to bring you quality leads on a consistent basis. We’ll also provide you with help with building your business.


Your Leads:

  • Are exclusive to you. We never sell the same lead twice - never.
  • Arrive only from the states that you choose. You can choose to have leads only from your home state, a cluster of states in your region, or any single state or combination of all 50 states. Being part of a large lead buying group has its benefits and this level of state selection is one of them!
  • Arrive to your email box in real time - often while your candidate is still at their computer!
  • Come from over 35 websites so you can draw from a wide cross section of franchise seekers.
  • Have complete contact information as well as their financial requirements.
  • Don’t arrive all at once. They are generated and forwarded to you in real time and we’ll work with you to control your lead flow.
  • Are easy to order and manage.
  • Are sent a customized email message with all of your contact information included. You control this message and we'll deliver it to your lead automatically so that they know you'll be contacting them.
  • Your cost is a flat $24 per lead.